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Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) is the umbrella term for joint working by social services, health and education to ensure that young people and young adults aged 14-25, including those with additional needs are enabled and empowered. That children, young people and adults with SEND as well as their families and or carers to prepare for a seamless transition from childhood through to adulthood via four pathways:

1. Further Education and Employment  2. Independent Living   3. Friends, Relationships and The Community  4. All Things Health

This is an exciting time for children, young people and adults with SEND to become young successful active and participating citizens. 

Introduction to PFA

PFA supports young people and young adults to have a fulfilling transition from childhood to adulthood.

PFA combines models of social care practice across children’s and adults services. This follows the principles of strength-based practice in both children’s and adults current methodology. These include Restorative Practice, Three Conversations and Family Group Conferencing.

The Dudley Preparing for Adulthood Strategy and Action Plan 2020-25 launched in July 2021. The focus for PFA in Dudley is on the young people and adults with SEND who would potentially be transitioning into Dudley Disability Service. To read the action plan please click here.

Areas of Focus

SEND vision for Dudley

Dudley is an inclusive borough where children, young people and adults with SEND thrive, are empowered to realise their aspirations and achieve their full potential through quality support and provision where everyone aims for excellence.

Making a positive contribution to their communities
  • To ensure communication is effective an in appropriate formats. Communication passports to be in place
  • To work in co-production and fully enable the voice of experience to shape/develop future provision and services for people with SEND
  • To be supported to have friends, relationships, participation and inclusion in local communities. Enabled to lead ordinary lives
  • To hear the voice of young people/adults, their parents/carers and challenge poor practices across education, health and social care
Priorities and maximise independence
  • Develop peer/budding and mentoring approaches, including lifestyle coaches
  • Person centred approach to support
  • To develop and create opportunities for young people/adults to live more independently within local communities
  • To have access to enablement that maximises skill and abilities. To promote and maximise independence, including access to travel and training
Healthy living
  • To ensure that young people/adults have access to mainstream health provision with reasonable adjustments in place to support this
  • To ensure that there are opportunities to develop self esteem and confidence. To build resilience to promote and maximise independence
  • To offer advice, information and guidance in appropriate and accessible formats, including via the Dudley website and the local offer
  • All individuals with complex health needs have a clear health action plan/passport
Enabled, empowered and being supported to take part in learning, training and employment opportunities
  • To develop the post 16 education offer. To increase the number of apprenticeships, internships and volunteering opportunities
  • To increase the choice and opportunities for young people/adults who wish to go on to further education
  • To increase access to employment and build disability confident employers 

Why PFA?

We aim to show that, by intervening earlier and differently, outcomes for the young person can be improved. This will result in improved quality of life and life choices. PFA is for enhanced and sustainable health and wellbeing, independence, choice and control. Young people should be defined by their strengths and not by their diagnosis, condition or negative behaviour.
The journey that take us from childhood to adulthood is different for everyone. PFA focuses on what is important to the young person. It helps them to consider what support they may need to plan for their future. It is important that young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND) are supported to have ambition, to think about a broad range of opportunities and to be as independent as possible.

PFA will

  • Support young people entering adulthood to be physically and mentally resilient so once they become an adult, they will have a connective, fulfilling and productive life
  • Build lifelong support networks
  • Increase the number of supportive and lasting relationships
  • Reduce the number of residential placements
  • Improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of our young people
  • Improve access to employment opportunities
  • Improve the support offer of re-accommodation

Who is PFA for?

The Dudley Disability Services PFA team will support young people who:

  • Are aged between 14-25 who have SEN and a physical disability, a learning disability and/or autism
  • Want support with one of our 4 PFA outcomes as mentioned above
  • Information on Carer's Assessments

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